Monday, November 12, 2012

November 27th: 7-9 pm: Claire Fraiser and Tinkers

           I have a short list of old and dear friends I can count on one hand, maybe two, of people who have known the real me for years and still love me for who I am. I am a terribly flawed person, and don't think I understood at 14 or 16 how much that would mean to me years later, but it's something that most days floors me a little.
          The second half of this gift is you get to see these people you knew as fellow awkward teens turn into beautiful interesting adults. Or maybe I was just the awkward one. Anyways, one of these people for me is Claire Fraser (you can see her here holding this sweet bear skull at an auction appraisal event at right). She is one of those cool people who while I was busy being a tomboy and getting into all kinds of trouble, managed to snag herself a cool degree in art history and today works as a cataloger or art appraiser at Leland Little Auction and Estate Sales (Claire I apologize if I have not given your job adequate billing here as I know you are super smart and do a lot more than that.).
           I am letting everyone in the group meet her for a night to  meet someone who sits on the other side of the gallery world from us artisans and craftsmen. A lot of people seem to make applying and getting into galleries a black box process and put many of their personal bias into the process. Instead you really need to understand what drives a gallery owner or staff to pick particular works of art and come up with a number. A critical eye is necessary for both sides. As many of the group expand their adventures into stores this new year, I would like to make it easier for everyone to understand where and why those sales commissions disappear to. Plus I get to buy a good friend beer for a night!

7-8 pm: Claire Fraiser (A Day in the Life Working in An Auction House/Gallery): Take a step behind the fun and fascinating curtain of art auctions and gallery adventures with my good friend, Claire Fraiser. She works at LeLand Little, a wonderful local auction house with an amazing reputation for quality and taste. Learn from an insider's perspective what does and does not work. Get yourself acquainted with a local art dealer with a great reputation.

8-9 pm: The Art of the Tinker (Soda Can Art): One of the oldest trades, tinkers are the stuff of legend and folk lore as the village gossips plying their wares from town to town repairing pots and bent forks. In modern times, you can make awesome art from tin and soda cans you have laying around the house with a few simple tools:

empty soda cans
paint (optional)

We will be making custom Christmas ornaments and lanterns for the holidays to take home. Please feel free to bring in empty clean soda cans you can manage to find and plan to take home extra goodies! The picture here is from a great Instructable on how to make tin can butterflies.

As usual we will be at:

Roth Brewing
5901 Triangle Brewing
Raleigh, NC 27617

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