Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Southern Comforts Antique & Fall Festival

Saturday, I had fun at the Southern Comforts Antique and Fall Festival in Salisbury. It was a chance to catch up with some of my Charlotte Crown Town Fellow Artisans and see what they are doing. It's been a wonderful, busy month or so and it was nice to take a break and see the creativity. I almost set up some tables, but given boutique and fall set ups these days, we're a little pressed for time. Hopefully, Southern Comforts Antiques will host it again, possibly in the spring when things slow down a little so we can do more than just window shop.
First, the set-up was great with several buildings and a number of tents and everything ranging from antiques to artists. My mom went along and she became fairly obsessed with the goat's milk soap. Me, I have to confess more than a little wow factor with my fellow jewelry artists. It always impresses me what people can make and design out of simple stones, metal, and dreams. Accessories are the wow factor in fashion, and it's always nice to see another's creativity. I spend most of my day's soaked in fabrics, thread, and folds, only occasionally venturing into the .
The whole event was fairly steady, that rare combination of buyers and shoppers where you can actually shop without being swamped or hear the crickets chirping. This is a great show for a person getting their feet wet as an artist or a person looking to support their local creative vibe. The prices were reasonable and very diverse. A wonderful event all around.