Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liz Moran

           The first time I met Liz, she had a couple paintings tucked under one arm and a smile on. I can't remember where she was coming from, but she smelled like the best coffee shop you'd ever walked into. Even today when I walk into a Starbucks, I associate the smell with her. Fresh roasted beans and fluffy pastry. She's a got a great smile and her paintings match the warmth she has in person. There was one that was simply amazing. It was this huge scarlet rose. I managed to beg, borrow, and plead to keep it for a few months to decorate our office building as you walked in the front door to our building, you would turn the corner and there it was. Better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. It's since sold of course, but the warmth of those months remains in my memory.
            There's something about painters that when you see a really great painting you feel as if they gave a part of their soul into the creation of the work. Liz's work is like that so I selfishly believe there's a long career for her so I can see a lot more of her inner beauty. She's grown and evolved as a painter since that first oil rose canvas and evolved into different mediums, but the warmth remains. And the great color. All her works have great color in them.
        Right now she's into doing these scrabble tile necklaces which like the one above named aptly enough: "Fire." I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop and maybe take home a piece for yourself. You'll be glad you did. For her latest work, drop by her booth at the holiday show next week. 

PS- And although I know she'd never say this and will probably shoot me for saying this, if you're a gallery owner looking for a promising artist with a great heart and smile, drop her line at: You'll be lucky to work with her.

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