Friday, June 28, 2013

Robot Plushies

Following the week's theme. How To Make Robot Plushies. A little mad scientist mayhem.

So far all our Instructables are making the front page this week! Pretty sweet! We're still trying to get over passing the 200,000 page views mark this week. Lots of fun.

PS- For anyone who doesn't know this is Becca from Spoonflower who runs the Greenhouse Arts Center there. She's lots of fun and if you want to go craft for free on Sundays, look them up on meet-up

Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Make Fabric Buttons

Wow, we broke 200,000 views for the blog yesterday. Pretty awesome and kinda crazy.

To celebrate we're posting another Instructable on How To Make Fabric Buttons.

This is a classic tailoring tool for making custom women's suits. You don't see it much any more (probably too labor intensive or vintage), but I thought I would share a bit of classic knowledge.

Have a lovely day everyone else and may your day be full of wonder!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Etsy Night of Craft Recap

Hey guys! We're back from a weekend of mayhem. We're busy posting photos and Instructables from the weekend. Bear with us as we sort through the photos.

Today: How to Make A Pin Cushion

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Maker-Faire NC Recap

                      Hey guys, back from a weekend of making and refreshing the creative juices. Maker-Faire NC was WILD this year. Nash and I volunteered as ticket takers and generally wandered around having fun. For those of you who aren't familar with the Faire, I like to think of it as if you suddenly had a backstage pass to all the mancave and garage workspaces in the area. So much raw fun and creativity.
                     There were some obvious trends this year: legos and 3D printers were super popular. Also, we saw a lot of fun costuming and reenactment/cosplay guilds. Nash kept dragging me away from the shiny tables of cool crafts I'd never tried before. Take this lovely red leather outfit from the 105th squadron. Also on display were a lot of neat projects I hadn't considered making. Take these AWESOME Rock'em Sock'em Robots from Spark Con. Or the 40 foot tall whomping willow pumpkin thrower.
                     Pretty cool weekend overall. I always like seeing stuff I hadn't planned on or dreamed about. A definite sense of wonder. It reminds me of the 1910-1920 world fairs. As we get into the 4th year, I must say I am enjoying seeing everything grow and change. Go guys. Alright, to next year and a lot more fun.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hand-Hemming Tutorial Live On Instructables

              Alright, after much delay, the next post in our series on how to do professional alterations by hand: hemming. I generally only do this type of handwork for theater/higher-end clients. That's normally whisked out of my hands the moment it's done, so took some time to finish a skirt and top with more traditional elements for you to enjoy seeing. They will be available for sale in the Etsy shop (The online shop is alive again and slowly growing).
                I have so many pieces to list, thankfully I'm getting some help there so by the end of the month we should be back up to full steam. I have some wicked new leather bags to show off and cute outfits. You'll get to see my new working lightbox for rainy days and close up photographs on the smaller one of a kind pieces in my shop. Lots of fun! Have a great day everyone.