Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Seventeen: Princess Dancing Circle Skirts

Dance with us today as we have fun making Contra Dancing skirts. When I was in school, Swing Dancing was all the rage. Today around here, it's Contra Dancing. Over the years, the dances may change and the hemlines, but the theme stays the same. It's a pure bliss moment to spin around in a floating skirt to the twist and turns in the music. I believe dancing will always be a favorite. One of my treasured memories is learning to dance on my grandfather's shoes as a small child. Then later, I measured out the steps of the Foxtrot, Swing, Two-Step, and Jive with parents, cousins, and friends. In college, it was an escape from my courses. And a way to meet cute boys.

My poor brother was co-oped on these scouting exhibitions. Today, we craft a number of unique pieces for dance competitions or date night out. Our two biggest are what I lovingly think of as the Grace Kelly skirt that floats as you spin and thin leather dancing shoes that give you enough contact to pull those killer moves without landing on your face. Today our wonderful new intern Ella will be showing off the circle skirt she designed for a night out on the town.
The final proof moment came when she put it on. Lots of laughter on her part which meant success. I've always felt that the true test a piece of clothing is it's ability to make a person smile when they put it on. Today we succeeded.

Check-in tomorrow with our custom Kickstarter dance shoes. Thank you everyone who is following our posts. We hope you continue to follow us and please continue to show your support on Kickstarter:

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