Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Twenty-Five: Etsy Artists

Hello, this is Li Sashay's jewelry artist, Nash Page, speaking in place of Dara. She managed to wear herself out due to all of the excitement with the Etsy Artists and asked me to fill in for her this evening. So, today's post is not one specific design, but twenty. Tonight a group of artists from Etsy had the monthly get together to demonstrate their various skill sets while Roth Brewing Company supplied beer for the guests.

There was a wide variety of crafts shown tonight ranging from baby booties, feather clips, painting, sewing pin holders, glass painted hearts, zipper roses, and a number of other things. Jeff Sgroi even showed some of his new Corian designs with a special piece made for his father. All in all, the group had fun and, with plenty of added guests, there were a lot of friendly faces that we hope to see again in the future.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to make this night a great success, and we hope to see all the new friendly faces next month. Special thanks to Jeff Sgroi and Amber Gorski for their hard work and interesting ideas.

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