Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine: Trim The Waste

We've been asked to help compete in a reality design show from Yoxi.tv that found us on Kickstarter to help trim the Waste in Fashion. This should be starting up as we finish our campaign so it's a nice dovetail between one event and the next. To help show the average waste, we compiled a short video clip showing the average waste involved in cutting and manufacturing 100 tote bags. It's a full 55 gallon garbage can. Plus some of our solutions for what to do with all the waste. We trimmed it all down to make a nice dog bed for the pup. We are submitting the video footage this next week and really excited to be part of the show hopefully. Tanner is helping us put the final touches on. Sirius B did the music for this piece.

This project is near and dear to my heart having worked on a factory floor for so long I've seen the sheer fabric by-product created in several hours of work is generally taken away in fork lifts. An average cutting machine can cut 5,000 pieces every 3 hrs. which is roughly 100 garbage barrels and that's before you get to serging. We are really excited to be competing and hope to bring some great ideas to the table in terms of reducing carbon footpring and waste.

To celebrate, we are selling the zero waste Totes on Etsy for $10 if you would like to pick one up. We hope you are as excited about the environment as we are. Check-out the video and please vote for Team Li Sashay.

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