Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Thirty-Four: Full Circle Skirts

I love skirts. Especially, full or gored skirts. I've made a variety over the years and it's one of the things that I honestly hope to keep getting to create until I'm 80. You can make a slightly tailored or fitted skirt with a fraction of the fabric (see left), but it's the full skirts that flutter and twist as you walk that I adore. I feel they just move better. And while they're not as impressive on the rack, they always seem to garner the most compliments for women on. I'm looking forward to the ankle-length calf grabbing skirts that I've seen on the runways hitting the stores this fall. And maybe...just maybe....making a few myself.

Have a great day. Thank you everyone who has supported us on the kickstarter campaign. We are loving having you follow us.

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