Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Thirty-Two: Custom Printed T-shirts

Today, we're going old-school and doing custom bleached t-shirts for the August Etsy Meet-up. Printing is a lot of fun to do and I'm pulling out my favorite navy color to demonstrate. Silk screening printing is another favorite, but I like bleach because of how fast it is. This is a great evening project. My friend Ruthan and I are inviting you to come make your own for the August 9th Etsy Meet-up from 7-10 pm. We're partial to wheels and robots, but we will have a laser cutter on hand and tons of colors for you to design your own. Bring a pdf or stencil if you have something creative in mind. My favorite color is navy of course, but we will also have sky blue, red, pink, orange, blue (several shades), black, purple, and lavender. There will be t-shirts for kids so little mad scientists are welcome to create their own.

You may either bring $5 or a blank t-shirt.

Plan on at least a solid hour after you get done to allow the shirt to dry.

These are my classic favorite band shirts. Best of luck on your week and have a great day. You can see the finished shirt here hanging above the desk at Techshop starting July 12th through August 9th.


  1. As well as forest, kelly, and a bright retro-y green! And possibly others, if I find them ...

  2. Oh yes, I forgot those colors! Thanks girl for keeping me straight.

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