Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Eighteen: Get Off of My Blue Kick Shoes

We love to dance at Li Sashay. Today's post is for my dancing friends. The idea came from Drew who is with Fab Labs of the Carolinas. He needed soft dancing shoes that would turn easily with leather soles. Everyone needs to cut loose from time to time. Thank you Kevin Bacon's Footloose. If you haven't seen the classic, I encourage you to rent it one night for fun. Dancing shoes are great, but they have a number of requirements as turned shoes. Turned shoes are little jewels of history as they originated in the Middle Ages due to durability. They have the unique property of having no exposed stitches in the final piece so they last much longer than standard shoes which is great when you're going to be subjecting them to serious wear and tear.

Normally I post up the final product pictures, but we had an unexpected last minute job from a client today and our shop is pulling an all-nighter. You can see the final Kickstarter blue shoes tomorrow when we get more time to post them. Thanks everyone who dropped by to help.

I hope you love your pair. You can pre-order a limited edition Kickstarter pair from the website:

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