Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Club House!

Here's the newest project that I'm working on. I'm starting a clubhouse that has a few different styles of shops in it, and members of the club would be able to drop by and use the equipment. For a few more details on the workings, you can visit its website here: Maker Cave. It, like the project as a whole, is just at the beginning stages and will be continually changing over the next several months.

The first walk through yielded only these shots that looked less-than-disheveled. By the weekend, there should be more pictures after we clean out the building to make it a bit more professional. There's also the likelihood that Dara will be coming up with a sketch of the place, along with dimensions, and maybe even what the inside might look like.

Ever since one of the local maker community hubs shut down in March, a lot of friends have been asking me if I would be interested or willing to set up something that would fill the void. Though a few interesting events, my wife and I are going to be living in a house with a wonderfully large workshop in the back. It was originally used for storage and a garage, but I believe we can turn this into a multi-material work space and design shop.

During the process of coming up for a name for this venture, we were calling it the "Man Cave." Part of it was going to have a very intricate TV/Music/Gaming system, a bar, computers and just a place to sit down and relax. You know, a place where a guy can just sit down, chill out and work on projects.

The idea then morphed into actually having work space in it. Bring in tools to use and people to hang out with while working on various projects. I have a lot of friends in the area who have tools, time and money to work on projects, but are limited by the fact that they live in apartments where their landlords wouldn't take kindly to power tools being used. When I discussed this idea with a few of them, they immediately jumped on it and were willing to help and put equipment to be used in it.

Over the next few months I am going to be investing some better wiring in the shop, and setting it up for bigger tools. I've had a few people say they're willing to donate tools or funding to the shop, and I'm hoping to make it more appealing for them.

A few things I'm looking to do with this are community based. This is going to be a club. Not the same thing as a country club, or a gym, but more of a collective of makers who have invested in something and want to see it flourish. There's not enough space for a vast number of people, but I'm hoping that with monthly dues and some invested capital, this would be a fun space for people to work in.

We're aiming to have weekly meet-ups called Cave Parties. Part grill-out, part build party, all fun. Music, grilling, and generally hanging out. These nights members of the club can show up with potluck style food/drink, enjoy the location and work on a few projects. I'll put more detailed information on the website, but in general the workspace will be available for people of a variety of incomes.

Aside from the Cave Parties, the people who seek to use it more often will be able to come by in the evenings and over the weekends. Basically, when I'm around to keep an eye on the shop and help anyone who may need it.

I'll be adding more information later, but for now this is the introduction. I hope that people will come and join me in the Maker Cave with yours truly, the resident Cave Man.

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