Sunday, August 4, 2013

Club House Pt. 2!

So, today myself and a future supporter of the Maker Cave went out and started cleaning what's to be the design shop section of the Maker Cave. After rearranging and reorganizing, we found out that there's a lot more space than meets the eye! There's plenty of space for future equipment, entertainment and relaxing.

Thank you, Mike Hinman for lending a hand in getting the place looking nice. We also had fun futzing around with settings for camera phones. Mine didn't turn out as well as those from Mike's iPhone. Congratulations to Apple, that is likely the first and last compliment I will give them when compared to anything with a Linux OS.

This week will be packing and moving of my current workshop into the new location. I'm calling it Phase I of the move, because the final product will look nothing like what it will in its early stages. So far, the place is coming along to a great start.

The Maker Cave website is still getting edited and developed, but should be up sooner than later.

If anyone has any questions about this design space, please feel free to e-mail me. Especially if you want to lend a hand, donate funds, donate equipment, or even if you just want to offer support!

Thanks, everyone!
-Nash (The Cave Man)

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