Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brilliant Product Design/Marketing: Tile

              I recently saw this commercial and thought...this is an amazing product design/advertising. The first round of funding has already raised over $2 million dollars six months before shipping. It's a small simple RFID reader that allows you to find objects on the go. While the technology has been around for 20+ years, it has also largely been banned or pulled from  stores as being too invasive. This is the first time I've seen tracking presented as a positive instead of a negative for the consumer. A simple story: never lose your keys again.
               As Nash and most of my friends will attest, this is something I struggle with on a regular basis which has led to elaborate filing and storage systems to combat my absent-mindedness.  Now, for $25 there's a answer to my key problem. We're finally beginning to see the adoption of many early 1990s technology for the consumer market with the iPhone turning people into mobile information hubs. The things we feared are becoming the tools we use every day. So many times, you see product adoption fail in the market place, not because of the product itself, but a failure to tell a story the customer wants to hear.
           If you're not telling someone what they want to hear, can you really blame them for walking away instead of buying in? And how often do we fail to frame our attempts to connect with others in terms of not hearing their stories on what they need? Or want?

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