Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phoenix Fall Collection: Tech Sketches Done

              Wow, it's been a rough couple of months since the end of April due to a combination of personal and business crap. It seems to be a repeating theme in the manufacturing business that May and June are our hardest months all year.   Guess the honeymoon is over, now the marriage begins.
               It's led to me designing a personal collection which is simple, wearable, and based on real life. All the pieces can be worn multiple ways and styles. All washable, all easy care fabrics made in either North Carolina or Virginia. I've been trying to stay in just NC, but the wonderful wool textile mills of Virginia have tempted me across the border because I love warm light-weight fall coats. There's this amazing wool mill I found tucked away with a crisp father/son duo who carries lovely worsted wools in the old tradition what slides through your fingers like warm butter on a hot July. Major score for the season from the fabric markets. Have I mentioned how much I love fabric markets? I'd honestly post pictures from this year's 2 big ones if I didn't think it would bore people to DEATH. Buttons, trim, and yardage are I think only sexy to other people who also sew.

Now, I think we need to see some CLOTHES to make this real. Yum, yum, yum. Hope you enjoy. And may life's hardships inspire your inner self.

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