Monday, July 15, 2013

2nd Fitting For Sparticus Costume

               Alright, last week it was all about the napkin design stage. This week we're back again, but this time with the mock-up, muslin, or fitting depending on which part of the industry you work on. Before I worked in the trades, this was a mostly absent concept, I mean math is perfect....why throw away $50-100 in fabric and hours of time double-checking fit before moving on to the real stuff? It's taken a couple years, but I've come around to the whole measure twice, cut once mentality.
           The end product just looks SOOOO much better. People have a lot of symmetry to them, but there are often small differences between the left and right sides simply because we tend to use one hand or foot more than the other so one side will have more muscles than the other. The average I've found is around 1/2 inch from dominant to non-dominant hand, but it varies and is a subtle difference worth taking the time to notice. Even if it does add an extra day or two of work in the process. Some things are worth it. It was especially important on this costume where the front is completely asymmetrical. Nothing in the Sparticus show is the same from left to right. A maddening....interesting....time consuming. Still, this is the kind of stuff I live for.

Next Friday, let's see some leather.

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