Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spring 2014: Menswear

           Menswear is running further and further ahead the style curve these days compared to everyone else. The Milan and Paris Fashion Shows have already been released a year ahead of the general public. They are some of the most risky trends I've seen in a while as they are not very masculine. Flowery prints and knit wear are everywhere.
             I am not sure how much of what is walking the runways will be adopted by the actual public as a whole. I have a hard time picturing my husband trading in his beloved blue jeans for flower print sprayed on trousers, but it reminds me of the old shows back before 2005 which were designed the shock and delight the public instead of raw practicality. The thing it speaks most clearly to me is HOPE. Of an unwritten future. I like that. So to next year's menswear: A little more risk. A recovering economy. And hope.

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