Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Beach Entertainment: Free Book Online

       Happy Monday everyone! It's back to school in a few weeks and we're having fun getting in some last minute summer reading before the break is over. Nash and I both love to read. If you're looking for another book to throw on your kindle or iPhone for a relaxing summer trip to the beach or mountains, may we recommend the free book Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson?
         He's our new favorite author. Since we don't get the time to read like we used to, the books we do read and enjoy have become very precious to us. Best of all, we get to tell you all about him and let you try him out for FREE online. His Mistborn Trilogy is where we first read him and we both couldn't put the books down for a month. It's always nice to find a new beloved author to read.
         Have a great week!

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