Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Produce Box: A Local Triangle Treasure!

               So this week, Nash and I finally got to sign-up for this year's Produce Box. We're both struggling with the battle of the bulge and it's been past time to change our lifestyle. What's the point of having great clothes if you're too fat to wear them? As someone who has grown up with this Triangle, NC staple, I thought I would share a local edible treasure with you, my readers that we are putting to use. Neither of us have any excuse for not doing it beforehand except sheer laziness. We know we should eat local, fresh fruits and veggies to keep us healthy, but not all of us have time to shop at the local farmer's market on Sat. Or to be frank will-power. May I suggest the lovely Produce Box if you're trapped for time and money on a budget like us?
                For those of you who aren't familar with the service, it is a local produce delivery service that drops off a weekly variety of fresh fruits, veggies, plus optional add-ons for $18-24 a week. $18 for a single person, $22-24 for a typical family from online orders. Many people I know who are single will order the family box and then can, freeze, or jam the extras for the cold winter months or parties. The Produce Box will come to your work or home provided you live in the area. You can change out foods or add others at will each week for picky eaters and special treats. This is less than HALF any other service I know of and fits even slim college budgets with a wealth of food. It's amazing! It's local! And it's making a difference here, locally in your neighborhood.
             In your home. We like to think that better eating and health begin somewhere far away, but really it starts with each and everyone of us. So make a difference in your waistline and life today, sign-up if you haven't already. Nash and I will try to post up pictures and recipes from stuff we get to hopefully help inspire you to improve your health too. 

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