Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Advanced Hand-Sewing

               In response to requests the past week, I'm posting a resource in the blog on where to go if you are interested in doing advanced hand-sewing if you're not on a time budget: Alabama Chanin. She has a great class on Craftsy for learning traditional sewing techniques for $49.99 which is one of the few online sewing classes which actually delivers as promised.
               Most of what I'm going to teach you is speed sewing to fix clothes you've bought to make them fit you better. I'm a whole under 15 minutes or it isn't practical kinda gal. But I know some people like the whole making from scratch, not just altering so I'll give you my favorite resource for doing beautiful high-end work when time isn't an issue. These are weekend projects, doable, but not something to whip up in a night. Natalie also has several books out, but I'd start with the videos myself as I'm a visual person. 

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