Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Show Artisan Guidelines

             Hey everyone, it's spring! It really is! And our group is getting ready for our semi-annual Arts and Crafts show. This season it will be in downtown Durham during the Spring Art Walk, April 13th  from 10 am- 5 pm. If you are member of the local group and interested in being in this year's show: go register here through March 21st.
We will be partnering this time with:

The Durham Store Front Project and
Cocoa Cinnamon at

420 W. Geer St.
Durham, NC 27701

to bring you some spring magic. Nash is standing in the lovely stone courtyard they are offering us for the day.

Each artist will get a table, chair, and table cloth for the event, plus paid advertising.

Set-up is at 9 am (All artists are expected to arrive by 9:15 at the latest) with the event starting at 10:00 am. Break down begins promptly at 5 pm and generally takes 30 minutes. 

We are so excited to be doing the Durham Art Walk this spring with everyone! We love Durham's strong artist vibe.
As a side note for artists who may not have done an arts and craft show before remember to bring:

Business Cards
Plenty of Product
Square/Cash Box to take Money
Bags or Gift Wrap for Customer Purchases
Clear Pricing (Each Item MUST be marked)
Bottled Water/Snacks

Nash and I will be offering vendors space coverage every 2-3 hrs. for 15 minutes so that you can do your own browsing, grab a bite of lunch to eat, or quick pop to the facilities.

Can't wait for another great show! Have a lovely day everyone! And a warm thanks to Jess for making all this possible. You rock!

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