Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shop Joy

                  Lately, I've really been failing in the taking pictures, writing, and general posting stuff I'm making part to the blog. In the midst of all the overwork, I got this great e-mail from a friend about teaching their son, Nick to sew costumes two weeks ago after he dropped by Raleigh Little Theater to hang out for a night. We went over the basics at Raleigh Little Theater on selecting and making custom costumes then an hour later, it was handshake time and out the door. They have some great home sewing machines which I do not personally own which are easier for the average sewer to pick up. Thanks Jen!
                Today I got photos. It really could not have been more welcome. So many times, I second-guess myself as an introvert if I am having my intended impact on students or those around me. Today was a nice reminder that sometimes an hour here or there is helpful for those around us to follow our dreams. I don't know that I'm ready to back to teaching anytime in the future or carving out time for personal project, but here ya go. When was the last time you underestimated the importance of an hour with someone else in your life? Now one more person knows how to create a little more beauty in the world than they did a month ago.
             Thank you people for reminding me of the little things in life! Have a great day! And check out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Raleigh Little Theater opening this weekend. The shirt here is one of the seven dwarfs (it should very familar for everyone who goes). Will try and take more photos next show.

PS- Paul Wentworth for the photos.