Thursday, March 28, 2013

Best Barbeque Joint in Raleigh: Ole Time Barbeque

         This past week, Nash and I went out to Tigers Be Still, a hilarious play about depression and dealing with mental illness at Raleigh Little Theater. It was nice for a change to laugh about the topic instead of the standard sweeping under the rug for today's PC society. We don't do that enough I think. Face up to the stuff that scares us. However, this is not a play review, it's a post about barbeque. Specifically where to find the best stuff in town at Ole Time Barbeque down near NC State.
          The food is good, cheap, and the clientele is colorful. There's doctors rubbing knees with retired bikers, NC State students recovering from a late night party, and family kids out for a meal on the town at this family owned joint. A sure sign the food is good around here is when it crosses all races, ages, and stereotypes. You can get a great southern meal for $5-8 (even the legendary Nash can be fed for under $10.00). All of them come with complimentary hushpuppies.
          So next time you're headed out for a Friday night and want some good southern cooking, drop by. You'll be glad you did. It's the big yellow roof driving down Western from State towards Cary on the left. You can probably see a few bikes out front.

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