Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Commercial for Rogue Gunfighter Vests

                       Hey guys, I don't normally show private label work, but got permission from my design boss as the commercial is in the public domain to give people a little taste of what I do behind the scenes for my military and law enforcement work. Rogue Gunfighter recently released a snazzy new commercial about a new vest series I helped sew for OEM manufacturing out in RTP. The video is a little over the top, but hey...most military stuff is.
                       These vests are locally made here in North Carolina in the Triangle (some by me!) and the Southeast at 2 other plants. The prices are competitive, Berry Compliant, and all the gear is made to hold up to serious abuse. I love stuff that is manufactured in the US because of the huge jump in quality. One of the great advantages you have as a buyer purchasing locally is significant improvements in fabric quality as good heavy weight fabric is expensive to ship over long distances and one of the first things to go under the ax of competitive pricing. If I'm a cop, I want to know my vest will actually stop a bullet, not just look good. Anyways, hopefully you will be entertained for the day.
                       Note, I don't release pictures or video of private label work I do without express permission after the product has already been finished and in public domain. Patterns, flats, and other technical pieces are never available out of respect.

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