Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Twelve: Rebellious Brewing Leather Style

Welcome back from the weekend everyone! It's Monday and I hope you have had a good week. Today we're headed over to our favorite local brewers, ROTH Brewing Company. For those of you in the Triangle, we hope you have gotten to try this deliciously made microbrew. They're a beloved favorite of the guys at my design shop as a place to go after work on Fridays. A place to kick back and have a beer with friends. You can't help but love the owners easy charm. Two guys who are clearly doing this for the love.

They're getting ready to celebrate their Anniversary June 11th. I invite you to drop by and sample some beers. This is a prototype for their limited edition growlers, the final one will be available in a few weeks. You can clearly see the engraved leather and lettering. The lettering came out much better than expected. Have a great day everyone and see you tomorrow.

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