Monday, May 16, 2011

Day Seven: On the Battlefield with Blocklets

Today, we are blowing stuff up on the battlefield of Blocklets. Nash, our jewelry (metal and wood) designer helped with the designers of Blocklets to make fun with Trebuchets using wood and red leather. The leather came from our studio.

Originally, we came up with the idea for joint collaborations of red leather blocklets for the Red Cross which will be available as sculpture at Maker-Faire. However, throw a couple of geeks together in a room, and you also see neat stuff like models for launching blocklets across the room with Arduino electronics. Mark and Gabe have worked really hard and are nearing the end of their successful Kickstarter campaign, please feel free to check them out on Wired and a variety of other media outlets. You can order one of your own kits online:

The money they raise is going to open a local design studio in Raleigh, NC. These are locally manufactured in the US. Proving, it's never to late to dream.

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