Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Eleven: Momogrammed Fabric Belts

Happy Friday everyone. Over the next two days we're going to cover two major fabric designs we do in house. The first is monogramming (machine embroidery) and the second is fabric printing. To help show the differences between the two, I am showing both of them in belt form. Fabric belts are generally constructed with a belt buckle, fabric, and interfacing. If you use a metal belt buckle add grommets to reinforce the fabric.
I like to do monograms of 9-10 letters in the back for Belts. Today we're doing the company name, Li Sashay. Enter the name or design in the computer and print. We sew the belt together, top-stitch to add stability/durability, and add a buckle. I'm a big believer in top-stitching in belts as it tends to make them last 3-4 times long. An extra step, but a worthwhile one. The buckle can be a simple clip like the one a friend gave me here for a camera strap or a more complicated metal buckle on Monday.

Have a great weekend. We will see you on Monday.

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