Monday, May 9, 2011

Day Four: Windpower

One of my favorite designs I get to show over these 40 days, is a project for Windlift. If you're not familar with Windlift, they are an amazing company that works on providing energy through renewable resources, namely wind with kites. They are both super smart inventors and you can spend hours having them chat with you. The concept is dead simple. Portable kites as wind generators in remote locations.

There's a lot of math involved with what they do, so I will just simplify it by saying we come in on the fabric side of house.This is a working prototype sewn together out of wetsuit material to hold the control box. I wanted to show this design as it's not something people normally think about fabric doing, making the environment a cleaner, brighter place. I hope to see these kites tugging above disaster relief areas fueling aid hospitals one day. So far it's working great and I look forward to many more cool projects they bring across my desk.

Please feel free to check out their website: or go with them on one of their weekly test launches. I really respect and admire the hard work these guys do for all of us.

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