Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Eight: Hines Design Labs Pants

These fun pants were a commission for Maker-Faire by Hines Design Labs in Virginia. Angus is a lot of fun and a fellow partner-in-crime. He commissioned the cotton fabric from Spoonflower several months ago before Matt was up and running. Spoonflower is a great local fabric printing lab if you have never been, I encourage you to drop by their place one day. We had a lot of fun Sat cutting them out and sewing them together. They looked pretty good when all was said and done. A little bold, but hey....it's Maker-Faire. Over the top is expected. The bottom hems were left undone, we're going to wash them a couple of times to get the fit perfect before we put them on. You can see the finished product June 18th on the man himself at his booth.

And now for the awesome part, we had a couple yards of fabric left-over which is where the Maker-Faire hats and messenger bag came in. Please thank Angus for an awesome job and feel free to drop by his design studio sometime.

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