Friday, May 6, 2011

Day One: Dream Hats

One of my treasured designs for Kickstarter is our Dreams to Ideas Hats. Because everyone needs a thinking hat. A hat to see the world in. A hat to hold the world in. A hat to hide from the world and a hat to go exploring the great outdoors.

My favorite thing to do is go on walks with my boyfriend. We snap a leash on his dog, throw on some old tennis shoes and away we go. It's our quiet time to step together. To talk about the world, our dreams, and just the day in general. Because when you're young and broke, dreaming is free.

We do many wonderful things, but this one is hand's down my winner. You breath in the peace of the early morning when the air has lingering traces from the night's cool air. You hear the afternoon laughter from kids as they get off from class or sports activities riding their bikes and daring each other to the next big stunt. You feel the sun as it sets in the evening crisp on your skin.

While it's a lot of fun, I'm also Irish. Which means I look at the sun and BURN BABY BURN. Freckles at 14 are adorable, after's just painful. Hence, my idea...hat protection.

So I designed this to allow my great white escape. I hope it frees you too. That you get to wander summer's roads with me, a Nash, and a dog.

You need a hat light enough to be practical. Stain resistant. Squashed in your hobo bag for that last minute road trip. And because I wanted something that made me smile, I made them from locally recycled fabrics from trade shows in fun colors. Individually sewn, numbered, and signed. Add your name labeled on the inside just because it's your idea. Who knows when the next idea will strike? Or that recycling could be so much fun? Have a great weekend.

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