Friday, December 21, 2012

Textile Friday:What stories would you like to tell?

     Next week is Christmas and it's got me thinking about where I want the blog and myself as a whole to go. Nash and I have 4 days off together, the sheer luxury of getting to spend a couple days with my favorite person in the whole world is my definition of holiday priceless. It is also something that doesn't involve a lot of money or a fancy ____ (insert expensive toy here).
      Makes one really think about Christmas and the holidays in general if my favorite gift of the season isn't something you can buy. I keep circling back around to the why's lately instead of the how's. Everyone always asks how you make x or y. How did you come up with the idea? How did you line this bag? How does this shirt wash? How long will it hold up? How can I wear it? You name it.
      Me? That's not the interesting part. I already know the answer to all those is: It's the work of MY hands. A lot of work. And hopefully, if I do my job right, those questions will be answered as a matter of course, if's my job to cover the hows effortlessly so you never think about them. What really interests me is WHY.
      Why is this piece important? Why is it worth making? Why is it beautiful? Why does it inspire me? Why does inspire you? Why does it work for you? Why did you need it? Why are you here? On this blog? In this town? On this street? In today? The why questions are the hardest I think to answer. Partially because we're taught not to answer them. And partially because why often asks more questions than it answers.
       That might be art in general. And beautiful pieces especially.
       They tell us stories I think.
       Like the hauntingTracy Chapmen song.
       And for me at least, for spring, I feel that the question is a worth answering. And being Irish, I find it easier to answer hard questions with stories than pat answers. Because little in my life has had pat answers. So for you too, one great question! And today, may you stop with 2 year-old wonder and ask why.

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