Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New How To Make A STRONG dog leash

       I'm been thinking about this for awhile now, and finally got around to posting a new how-to-make-an-ultra-strong-dog- leash on Instructables. This is for a basic dog leash kit you can buy from Tandy's leather and assemble quickly for under $20 (mine was $8 on sale, I think it's $19.95 full price). The thing is practically indestructible which is a first for the husky. You can see Chino modeling his leash with pride. And no, he hasn't been able to break the sucker. I generally avoid kits like the plague in favor of either moding my own or buying out right as kits always seem to eat up hours of time because of missing parts, bad instructions, or end up costing me twice as much as I originally planned due to "forgetting" small parts requiring a second trip to the store or extra parts. Sewing patterns are the worst for this.
          This kit surprisingly had none of those problems. It was clearly marked, easy to assemble in a few minutes, and probably took 20-30 minutes of actual work to put together though I took the weekend to make it as I let it dry between coats. If you have a dog and want to make a great leash for him, I suggest using this leather kit process to make a one of a kind holiday gift for him. You can also paint or carve the leash to your heart's content, but I stuck to the basics. Now you too can make one for friends or family and look cool in the process with a handmade gift that didn't take hours to assemble. Happy holidays, I hope you are also having a nice holiday weekend.

PS- That's my dad modeling the leash in the first picture. Wow, that was a nice day.

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