Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finishing Up The Year: Free Sewing Machine

               Alright everyone, finishing up the year's paper work. I know there's another two weeks til Christmas or two and a half months til the next season change in February, but we already almost sold out of Beloved. It's been so nice to see people enjoy something personal for us that came out of our love and wedding this past fall. Thank you everyone, when you give a piece of your soul to others, you never know how it will be treated. This week, I'm giving away my home sewing machine as I got an early Christmas present from Nash of a vintage Nelco. I'll be using it next year to do some posts on realistic home sewing repairs. The machine up for grabs is an old Commodore de Luxe sewing machine in working order which does straight and zig-zag stitches in a traveling case. This is a high shank model. It does normal, silk, and embroidery stitches. It comes with thread, box of attachments, and spare bobbins. This is a great starter machine for someone looking to pick-up home sewing.

Attachments Include:

buttonhole foot
quilting guide
hemming foot (1/4")

              If you're local in the area and interested, just e-mail Nash at: You can pick it up any time. Hope this helps someone. Have a great week!

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