Friday, December 28, 2012

Textile Friday: Focusing the Naval Gazing

               This past year, I've done a series of Friday topics that interested me. Favorite designers, companies I liked, how-to-guides, places to source fabric and trim, my grandfather's advice to me, and anything else that wandered across my navel. This coming year, I would like to focus on a practical topic: taking care of your clothing.
               As someone whose learned the hard way, the average customer today (myself included) just getting out of college or venturing into the better brand market simply is generally not equipped with the knowledge to make their clothes last and get the wear out of them they deserve. Most of us throw away 90% of the life of our clothes not because we hate the color or they don't look great on us, but simple things like the wrong laundry detergent or sewing on a button. That was fine when I was in college and my entire clothing including my shoes was worth maybe $100-200 (Did I mention that I was into grunge in college? My grandfather lived in horror of my ripped jeans and politically incorrect t-shirts.). It was devastating when I got out in the professional world and suddenly I was expected to know how to put myself together. And judged for not doing so. Then I finally sucked up the money to buy great designer brands only to ruin them in the space of a season. The worst was this yummy Theory suit and shirt that just hugged my butt like a glove.
                Actually, it got ruined sewing on a machine. I dropped machine oil on the pant leg. My lovely suits weren't made to stand up to the rigors of actual work. And then I met Nash who is like a walking disaster for everything I owned. Between that, sewing, and 20 lbs since we started dating, I struggle all the time to figure out how to make my tastes match my wardrobe. If you have lovely clothes and never struggle to mend buttons, get out weird stains, fix odd tears, or what to do with a few extra pounds, good for you. If you're like me and these are regular things you encounter, then I hope you enjoy this coming year as I offer up the wisdom of how to juggle your clothes with an active lifestyle. A year of idealism meets reality.
                So next Friday, let's get started on an adventure.

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