Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Finished My Spring Look Board

                Ha, finished my look board for the spring collection. This was an incredibly hard thing to do as I'm still getting used to correct croquis and flats, but need to get better at clearly communicating my ideas without shipping physical samples. It's somewhat funny to me that from an industry prospective, people are always MUCH more interested in my sewing/construction abilities than drawing. People outside the industry, it seems to reverse itself.
                There's 8 looks, 21 pieces, and 7 accessories to make. A number of the accessories have already been made so I'll start posting them to Etsy in case you see something that catches your eye. Everything (EVEN THE THREAD) is recycled from the factory floors of North Carolina and reuse centers I've gotten in the past year. Something which makes me feel good knowing how much is just thrown out in the industry. I hope it appeals to you too. The chance to turn them into one-of-a-kind creations and save the environment a little at the same time.
                 I've decided to do one look every two weeks for spring which means I'll get done either late March or early April depending on how things work out. Hopefully this will be fun for all of us, though I'm nervous about the corsets of which I've included 2 (a full-corset and an under-corset) as that's the only thing I feel is pretty ambitious. I do have an ace-in-the-hole there as my girl friend Heather is a corset maker so if push comes to shove I will end up begging her for help.
          So here's the first look, sketches are pitiful compared to the real thing. Let's breath some life into her why don't we?  Ready for a little adventure?

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