Friday, February 24, 2012

Textile Friday: The 2 W's: Water and Walking

         Today we're going to talk about a sensitive topic, a girl's weight. I've put on a few pounds myself the past few years since giving up working retail and like most of us it's beginning to catch up with me personally. It does little good to have a closet full of beautiful clothes I can't wear. My grandfather's advice that the best way to look good on a budget is to build a good wardrobe relies on the idea that one is already exercising the control  to maintain their weight in the first place.

         The simple fact is that as Vogue or any experienced designer will tell you while there's a lot we can do with clothing to bring out your best features, being thin/your ideal weight is an advantage over almost everything else. 10 or 15 lbs. lost will do wonders to your posture, walk, and fit. So how does one lose the weight? The million dollar question? The answer generally lies with water and walking.  That's the Weight Watchers joke that the 2 W's stand for Water and Walking. There's a lot of truth to that simple answer. Substituting water for calories helps you gradually lose weight. And walking increases your base metabolism. So this week I dug out my old water bottle and sprung for a new pair of tennis shoes from the shoe guys downstairs. It's not sexy or instant like the diet ads, but real beauty often takes work and time. I've got to slim down a bit by October to fit in the wedding dress my grandfather gave me. A worthwhile goal in my book. If you've been meaning to drop a few yourself or been putting off taking the plunge, I invite you to join me as I work on an adult perspective on beauty.

         Next week, we'll go over how to build a wow wardrobe on a budget. This is old advice from my grandfather, I hope it will help you as much as it has me.


  1. I have gained many many pounds lol! Recently I started walking up two flights of stairs and down a hallway 2-3 times a day at work and then an additional 30 minutes at home. So far I haven't really noticed any weight loss but I can sure tell it in my walking ability! I feel more energetic as well.
    Millie @

  2. Hey Millie, have you started adding drinking more water to the walking? Water tends to suppress your appetite and lower you portion sizes so it's a great way to substitute calories for something you need. It's amazing how fast and sneaky the weight slides on. It's been a steady 10 lbs. a year since I left retail and it's frustratingly hard to get off. I dug out this photo from my in shape days at Belks to remind myself where I need to get back to. Now that I spend more time trapped behind a computer or sewing machine, it just doesn't come off like it used to. And I've been letting my good habits slide getting the company off the ground.