Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Corian Art with Jeff Sgroi

       Today we are peaking into the workshop of a fellow Etsy Team Artist, Jeff Sgroi. Some of you remember  Jeff who designed some wonderful 1950s Art Deco Corian counter-tops repurposed as wall art. I wrangled him into showing off some of his pieces last year for our June Etsy Meeting because they're amazing in person. You can now finally get one of your own over the next month during his Kickstarter campaign. I love the idea of something I use every day, my countertop, becoming something unique to hang on my wall. Jeff created his art called 3TONE to honor his Dad's passing last year for Father's Day. I personally think they're a great gift for Mother's Day for all those moms who love to cook.

        Perhaps you have your own story to tell of a newspaper clipping or childhood memory that meant a lot to you with your own family. Now you can immoralize it for all time. You can pick up one of your memories for roughly $80. I love the whole newspaper meets stone feel of these. Have fun checking out some local talent.

        Have a great day everyone and see you back tomorrow.

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