Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March 10th Photoshoot and Catalog.

           Alright everyone, we're looking towards the March Acorn to Oak Team Line-up. This month we are focusing on 3D Printing Workshop for our Tues nights and taking our shops to the next level. The 3D Printing Workshop is already sold out, most exciting. It's nice to see members taking an interest in the happens and future of making. Luis Freeman is now joining our office team so you can see him around the new studio space if you are interested in talking to him about 3D Printing come knock on the first print room as you go in on the left.
         To work on our online shops, we will be having a model photoshoot March 10th from 1-4 pm at Umstead Park weather permitting. Rye is putting together our spring catalog which ties directly to our online Etsy shops so this is a great opportunity to spruce up all our online presences. I'm as guilty as anyone of this and hoping that focusing on this spring will help both our fellow artists and customers. I would love for people to see more fully how they will actually look in our clothing and accessories. We have roughly a dozen models lined up to shoot, some traditional and others selected because they struck my eye as being photogenic. Beauty comes in many sizes, shapes, and packages. I can't wait to see what comes of this partnership.
         I will be posting up brief bios and photos over the next few weeks leading up to the March 10th to wet your appetite and then you will get to see our new spring collection starting afterwards. I've been inspired this spring by summer vacations with my family growing up in North Carolina. It's such a rich, beautiful state. I hope you enjoy sharing in my joy this spring as the economy begins to recover. Happy Tuesday.

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