Monday, February 13, 2012

Flat Annual Membership Fee Starting in April

This spring I'm taking the lead from some of my other girl friends who run Etsy groups in other parts of the state. They have moved to charging a flat annual fee and having free meetings which is less paperwork for everyone involved. We are doing the same starting May 1st. The Acorn to Oak Handmade Team membership will be $20 starting in April and last 1 year. All events and weekly meetings will be free effective May 1st as long as you pay your dues. To apply simply click the paypal button and you will be charged a flat $20 fee to cover annual supplies, events, and a small administrative fee.

We will start collecting memberships now, they will be due in April, and you will be late in May. If you are planning to participate in the kids summer camp, please click the family link at check-out so we know to contact you directly as summer gets closer. Participation in the camp is free at this time.

You are welcome to support the group even if you are not in the area. We will be happy to add you to the mailing list for our monthly newsletter. 


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