Monday, February 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes With Local Model Talent

          This week and next we are getting ready for an influx of local modeling talent for our spring collection. The Acorn to Oak Co-op as a whole is doing an artists meeting live models March 10th from 1-4 pm at Umstead to work on sprucing up our online shops. Li Sashay is putting in some last minute touches ourselves. I'm excited to see this partnership unfold and hopefully add a little more beauty to the world. I love photographing clothes on live models. It's like activating the intrinsic magic of fabric to make people beautiful. You take the layers of folded fabric off the shelf or out of your drawer. Next put it on. Voila! A newer, more beautiful you is born. Flaws minimized, inner beauty on max.

          First some of the guys, up for you today we have 2 of my favorite male models Sergei and Brandon . Both are musicians. I love working with musicians as they always seem to be able to make me laugh. Some of you might remember Sergei as the Chippendale model from last year's Halloween party. I honestly debated the merits of just posting up a picture of him shirtless for today...yum, yum, yum. It seems unfair to reduce one of Nash's best friends to a piece of delectable meat. Well, I'm probably going to hell for this but hey I hope this brightens your day (Please forgive me Sergei.). Sergei is an amazing cook, engineer, musician, and just plain beautiful. He's also funny, interesting to talk to, and a great guy. One of those rare 10s who seems unaffected by it. He's currently single, 23, and moving to NY in a few months so ladies...j/k. Anyways, he's 5'10" and a size medium. 39R if you're doing jackets. He will be available to help with photographs and is athletic so if you need him to do flips, or fake sword-fight, etc. this is your man. If you are using him to photograph ties for Father's Day, a standard or skinny width looks great on him.

     Second, I have Brandon who I chose simply because he makes me laugh. You can check out Brandon on youtube as he has a number of videos up. My favorite is this quirky car commercial audition where he impersonates different types of car owners. Pretty funny. These guys are about the same build so I hope that we can get a number of shots of them clowning around. Funny t-shirts? Quirky sayings? The sky is the limit.

Alright, check back in tomorrow for more models. I will try to post all of them this week and next. Thank you everyone who is involved in being a part of this.

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