Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Twenty-Five: Maker-Faire NC Shirts

            Today, our shop is busy catching up on orders. We have literally doubled our sales volume in the past month from Christmas which is a first ever for a January in my dozen plus years in the apparel industry. It is certainly a nice thing to see the economy recovering and a bit exhausting. Still, I would not trade a minute of the muscle aches and sleep deprivation for getting to do something I love. Let us hope that this trend continues. It is nice to see my customers and friends doing so well.
            One of these fun little jobs is for my friend, Jon Danforth, who you may remember from last year for Maker Faire: North Carolina. This year instead of hats we're having fun monogramming Dickie Shirts. You will get to see them on the staff this year.

Always love to support my fellow makers. Have a great weekend and see you back next week.

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