Friday, September 16, 2011

Textile Friday: Wind Energy

I've decided to start a Friday blog series about thinking outside the box for textile design. This is mostly to educate you the customer about what textile design is. Li Sashay is a lifestyle company, we design to fit our clients lives. It often surprises people to realize the twists and turns that fabric takes beyond our daily clothes. The same technology brings you the shirt you put on in the morning, covers your chairs, and also flies into space.

It is easy to forget fabric because it comes on so many journeys with us. One of my favorite projects is for a lovely local company Windlift that is building renewable wind energy with kites. You can see the Linkleading edge we just finished replacing (did I mention research involves a lot of crashing?). Each kite produces enough energy to power a base around the world. Be it a military outpost or a hospital. While a kite may seem like a simple thing, using it is the type of thing that will reduce oil consumption by thousands of gallons per week on site and that's huge. It is my hope that all of us will have helped to improve the planet a little with this project. Have a great week and check in next week for changing face of fabric.

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