Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adelaide Siegl: Triangle Loom Weaver

Today we are drawing a little from my Irish heritage to talk about Triangle Loom Weaving. Some of you at Techshop are more familar with Adelaide and Chris's train models they create, but Adelaide is also involved in a number of local knitting clubs and circles. She is coming to talk to us about weaving this weekend. For those of you who are not familar with this frugal traditional method, triangle weaving is awesome because it is a zero waste process. It also uses 2 threads instead of the typical 1 so it's very fast compared to standard weaving. In an hour you can normally finish 1 of the smaller looms pictured here. This size can be turned into a clutch or make-up bag. I really like the idea of using scraps of yarn left over from other projects and making something beautiful.

Adelaide will also be showing some of her larger looms and works which make lovely scarves and shawls. She will have finished looms available for use and you may take a completed one home with you for $20 or a kit for an unfinished loom for $15.

I hope to see you during her class Saturday, September 17th from 10-11 am in the conference room.

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