Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ella Brooks: Assistant Fashion Designer

It is said in business, you should always try to hire people smarter than yourself because they will surprise you. Ella fits this category beautifully for me. She's a rising senior in the textile school at State and a wonderful person. While most days find her creating fabric monsters or commercial accounts for Li Sashay, she occasionally moonlights as the future talent I know she is in the process of becoming. I'm looking forward to following her career and seeing her continue to grow. If you haven't gotten to know her rising talent yet, I encourage you to check out the music video we made of the summer for saving the environment. That's Ella, holding the bag with a smile on her face.

She will be hosting the evening Etsy Berlin streaming event at the DIY Summit Saturday, September 17th from 5-9 pm. I encourage you to come out and talk to her about her upcoming hopes and dreams.

Look forward to seeing you all next weekend.

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