Tuesday, September 13, 2011

John Galante: Local Chef and Food Lover

I love local cuisine, there's something about food trucks and sidewalk stands that just make my mouth water. You can smell the hot, warm scent wafting towards you a mile away. While there's a lot of good cooks in the area, John is the only one whose ever made me cry the food was so perfect. It's a marriage of spices, meat, and crisp vegetables. John is a culinary wanderer and we are all blessed to occasionally get invited along for one of his adventures.

You have to love the old school cooks who have their own garden so everything comes to you freshly picked and hours new. For those of you who have not yet gotten to try his BBQ tacos or pulled pork sandwiches, I encourage you to drop by the kitchen Saturday for lunch at 12 pm til he sells out. The BBQ tacos are hands down my favorite. Incredibly simple on the outside, and something you can't put down once you've tried one. Best thing I've ever tasted and that includes a summer abroad in France. He will be serving plates for $3-5 each and slices of his famous jalapeno chocolate pies. I hope you get to delight your senses on a budget.

Note: When John is not exploring new sights, he works as the manager of WingZone down on Hillsborough St.

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