Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mike Natale: Master Brewer

Some people, you know just because they make you smile. Mike is one of those guys for me. While most brewers will tell you about the age, the season, or the complex history of beer, Mike doesn't do this when you walk in the bar. Instead, Mike will smile at you, slide a glass of his Raleigh Red across the table and tell you he makes a beer for people to drink. And that I think is what draws people to ROTH night after night.

A beer made for you to drink.

We're incredibly lucky to have him come talk to us Saturday, September 17th on micro-brewing and hand out free drinks. And you're welcome to wander next door afterwards enjoy the beer, food, and laughter. He's running a special all night just for us of $2 Raleigh Reds. This is probably the point to mention to you that it's my favorite.

To good beer and better friends. Can't wait to see you all next weekend. And if you get a chance to talk to Mike, tell him, "Hi, and that Dara sent you."

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