Monday, September 19, 2011

Etsy Muscle Cars Meetup: October 11th

Hey Everyone, thanks for a great month. We had a lot of fun making shoes and hosting the Hello Etsy Meet-up this past week. We enjoyed seeing a lot of old and new faces. Thank you everyone who braved the rain to come out. We will be posting pictures on facebook and flicker to share our happiness with you.

This coming month it has finally gotten cool enough to head out back and talk about steel. John Pasemann runs a local auto restoration business out of Durham called US Car Tool. He is going to talk about the famous eBay as well as showing us some of his kits he designs and cuts on the plasma cutter. One of the things that I love that he does is create "car stories" or visual updates of the progress his shop is making for car owners to see online. That way you can check-in along the process.

As a powerseller on ebay and owner of a successful shop for almost a decade, he has unique and practical wisdom to give on how to actually make it in the area. I encourage you to come out and handle some of his kits, watch him cut on the plasma cutter, and have fun drooling over some vintage cars.

Please note we are only doing one speaker this month to focus as metal-working tends to take a while and we want to actually let you see him making some of the stuff.

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