Friday, July 13, 2012

Textile Friday: Shirt Tailor Kabbaz

       So I keep meaning to post practical Textile Friday posts, I've had this really great one on how to pick out a good quality leather belt for 2 months, and instead this youtube video fell into my lap. I'm going to blame my friends for feeding this crack addiction of mine for old school tailors and classically cut clothing. So today, I am throwing away my practical self to take you to the tailor section of New York. There's a number of famous tailors in NY and also in London, but one of my favorites is Alexander Kabbaz. You can watch an old-school tailor at work. His work is just LOVELY! Ah, if I were 18 again, I would show up at this man's doorstep dripping wet with a backpack and refuse to leave until he taught me. Well, it's probably a good thing I was in my 20s before I heard of him. Saves me the trouble of that level of stupid. While making a dress shirt was one of the first projects I learned on an industrial machine, there's an art to it that's definitely left out of the popular David Coffin "shirt making book." One of the things that I would like to eventually get my hands on is a shirt knife like in this video. Oh well, I have no idea where I would find something like this. So just sit back and enjoy the video! Have a great weekend!

       And while I may never be Alexander, one day...I would love to make dress shirts too!

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