Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 26th: Counting Metal: Cash and Jewelry

         Alright, weather permitting, we will be talking about money infrastructure and practicing casting jewelry in kilns this coming week. Of all the things the business does, one of the things I consistently struggle with as a business owner is accounting. When you're getting started, the money part is easy, mostly because you don't have any. As you grow it becomes headache inducing stomach flip-flops.

7-8 Show Me the Money: There's some basic steps you need to take as a business to make sure you are pulling a profit

First, you need to buy some accounting software. The industry standard is Quickbooks. You can buy the basic software for $26 off Amazon, you can also upgrade up to $186 for the deluxe package. Most people just use the basic stuff. Some banks offer this for free to their businesses. The major advantage of using Quickbooks is it is cheap, industry recognized, and most accountants love it so they're easier to work with. Win-win for everyone. The downside to me is I hate bookkeeping. I've tried to hand it off to Nash repeatedly for a year, and he doesn't like it any more than I do. I'm in the process of getting an accountant to help with our growing pains.

Next, you have to use the actual tools. Ah, the hard part. For this Quickbooks and Excel are your friends. But they can only help you if you use them. There's a great number of accountants, banks, and people to reach in the area that can help your business grow. We will be touching on some. This is by no means a complete list, just the most well-known. For banking we will be talking specifically about Federal Coastal Credit Union and Harrington Bank.

8-9 Jewelry Kiln Pouring: We will have some wax molds for people to practice making into jewelry. If you are planning to do this part, you will need to come back later to pick up your final piece. :-)

 Note: If it is over 85 degrees, we will reschedule for later.

Have a great day everyone!

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