Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cooking with Dog: My Favorite TV Show

             Alright, today I am roughly 2 1/2 months out from my wedding and let's just say it looks like I may be doing some crash dieting. Part of this involves the traditional 2 Ws (water and walking), but part of it is also going to have to involve some lifestyle changes back to being more healthy in terms of eating more fruits and vegetables. While Nash has many wonderful qualities, he definitely is a meat and potatoes guy which plays havoc with a skinny girl's diet plan. I'll never forget on one of our first dates he asked what a cooked onion was.
              Me, I love asian cooking. Specifically Japanese. So while I get ready pack some yummy bento box lunches this week, please enjoy my favorite cooking show: Cooking With Dog. This is the most popular Japanese cooking show and just plain awesome. I lost 20 lbs the year I found this youtube show which makes it the best weight loss plan I ever been on and realistic as most of the recipes are very fast to me as I'm lazy and like fast cooking. One of my major beefs with Weight Watchers is I've never cared for cooking in ovens as it blows your electricity bill through the roof. Plus, I don't like to wait that long to eat. There's only so long you can eat stuff that has the consistency of cardboard. Cooking with Dog's been on hiatus for a while due to the cook being injuried in an accident, but it's back up and running which seems apt for me to hit the kitchen. So enjoy! May you too have a great coming month and if you have any diet plans, I also wish you success there.

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