Monday, July 9, 2012

New Instructables Up: Building Security How-to-Rekey Locks

          Alright, this week we are taking a break from the normal and catching up on spare projects that I've been meaning to do for a while. Nash is also stretching his teaching abilities on Instructables. He just put up a new post on how to re-key standard locks if you lose your key (this would have saved us $150 when we first moved into our new place) off of existing locks or random keys. For all you forgetful types out there like me, getting over a bad break-up, or landed your new dream gig: this one is for you. I really love how Nash's teaching and writing sides come out in these. Thank goodness I am marrying a much more patient man than I. Also, this week isn't my typical bread and butter large clients, so many of them have agreed to share their hopes and dreams with you. I hope everyone has fun this week seeing some wacky, wild repair and design projects. Often I feel as if I have these really great projects...that I can't talk about. So enjoy a fun adventure week as we fill in our blog with the unusual, practical, and fun. We've had an odd turn of events the past couple of weeks in landing a dream client who bought us out for full-time production only to have them go under.  It was somewhat a surprise to me as they seemed to have much of the things Nash and I have struggled over all lined up, but skinning one's knees involves getting back up and keep going. This business seems to teach resilience and  I'm well-loved so Nash and I look forward to a busy week making our current customers happy and lining up replacements.  Every season seems to bring it's own challenges, and one of the major challenges for clients this season seems to be matching wallets to dreams. There's a saying in this business that the only good products in manufacturing are those that sell and everything else is a fantasy.
         Hard to know if that's true, but please enjoy a little thriller spy magic while I get caught up on work. I am waiting for my locks to get re-keyed now for April Fool's next year. 

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